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Possible Defenses

Everycase is different and can have it's own defense that could result in a complete dismissal of criminal charges. The Law Office of Richard McCluskey does not charge extra for possible Motions to Suppress or Motions to Dismiss, if they are needed in your case our office will file them.

Most Motions to Suppress have to deal with the Probable Cause that was used for the officer to come in contact you. This could be for  example  the reason for stopping your car was not a valid reason. If this is the case then we could file a Motion to Suppress to have all evidence thrown out.

A Motion to Dismiss would be that even in the light most favorable to the State the elements of the crime that you are charged with are not met. If this Motion is grated then it would result in a complete dismissal of your charge.

Also possible defenses to Battery or related charges can be self defense, this a complicated and ever changing defense. If you think you might have a claim of self defense or even the "Stand Your Ground" defense you should contact our office as soon as possible.

Criminal Law is a ever evolving area of law with new opinions coming out daily, contact the Law Office of Richard McCluskey at (813) 951-8233 for a free consultation
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